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Pine Knoll Residential Program

  1. Age 18 or older.
  2. Ambulatory and physically able to walk down stairs
  3. Guaranteed payment for cost of care.
  4. A DSM IV diagnosis (excluding substance abuse disorders and intellectual disability, unless a dual diagnosis).
  5. Not currently an active threat ot the safety of self or others.
  6. In need of personal care and supervision, but does not require skilled nursing care or a locked facility.
  7. Written certification by a physician that the person needs no greater level of care than a residential care facility for persons with a mental illness (RCF-PMI)
  8. Willing to be admitted voluntarily, or willing to come if placed at the facility by a court order.
  9. Must have TB and physical up to 30 days prior to being admitted.
                                       PINE KNOLL REFERRAL FORM

Vera French Pine Knoll is a residential care facility
that provides 24 hour care and treatment for adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness.   The mission is to assist residents in attaining or maintaining their optimal level of functioning so that they can live and function as independently as possible. 

 Along with a multidisciplinary staff of activity therapists, licensed nurses, mental health technicians, and social workers, the resident participates in developing a treatment plan that identifies his or her goals in such areas as improving physical and mental health, improving daily living, social, and functional skills, and increasing personal responsibility and self direction.  The Pine Knoll psychiatrist sees residents regularly for medication checks and works with the nursing staff to adjust each resident’s medications for optimal symptom relief with the fewest side effects. Office, Dietary, and Maintenance personnel also play an important part in providing residents with a safe, friendly, and healthy environment.  Together, all of these parts provide residents with a holistic, comprehensive, yet individualized treatment experience that is focused on their growth and recovery.

 Because treatment at Pine Knoll is not time limited, there is no average length of stay.  Prior to discharge, however, a comprehensive plan is developed with the resident that includes a place to live and follow up support and services.   

 For more information, or to make a referral, please contact Jessica Nefzger, LMSW, or Denise Beenk at 563-322-6247, ext. 221.