Portrait of Vera French

Mission & Vision


Vera French’s mission is to enhance the mental health of all in our community by providing quality, accessible, and comprehensive care.

Vera French and all of its employees will work together to improve the overall health of our community.


Our Core Values

COMPASSION – Vera French reaches out to welcome individuals, families and the community with empathy and acceptance.

ACCESSIBILITY – Vera French strives for responsive and proactive engagement with the community by providing timely, convenient, and cost-effective solutions.

EMPOWERMENT – Vera French offers respectful services, person-centered support, and strengths-based advocacy to foster self-reliance.

INTEGRITY – Vera French acts with honor and accountability as a trustworthy citizen that lives true to ethical and moral principals.

QUALITY  – Vera French maintains the highest standard of excellence and professionalism in its delivery of evidence-based services and throughout all aspects of the organization.


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