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Living Local | VF Housing

When you think of mental health, the influence of housing may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but it plays a vital role. Good-quality, affordable, and safe housing is a key factor in good mental health, as well as supporting those with existing mental health conditions. Watch the video here!

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Living Local | Teen Depression

All this week on Channel 4, our news team is putting the spotlight on teen depression. From covering the warning signs, to sharing personal stories of lives impacted by depression, we’re working to break the stigma surrounding mental health and highlighting local, life-saving resources.…

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Channel 4 | The Battle Within – Part 3

Enduring illnesses like depression or an eating disorder can make it difficult to seek help. That’s why local health providers are on the front lines to make sure those victims are treated and connected to support groups. In Part 3 of ‘The Battle Within’, we discuss resources that are a call away…

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Channel 4 | The Battle Within – Part 2

We’ve been taking a look this week at how mental health illnesses can have serious ramifications. When depression and anxiety are left untreated, it can sometimes lead to an eating disorder. Those conditions affect 29 million Americans. We examine how winter months can add to the problem in the Quad…

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Channel 4 | The Battle Within – Part 1

The ongoing pandemic is making issues like depression even more prevalent today. It’s estimated depression impacts 16 million people, which is around six percent of the population. We investigate what it means close to home in Part 1 of our series ‘The Battle Within,’ highlighting mental health.

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Living Local | Multisystemic Therapy

Over the years, the issue of juvenile crime has been getting more attention as communities discuss what can be done about it. A local mental health center is offering a newer treatment option that strives to decrease juvenile delinquency and incarceration by empowering youth and families.   Watch…

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