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Recovery-based Goal Achievement

Creating Successful Outcomes

Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation (IPR) is a Vera French Community Mental Health Center program located at our Carol Center in Davenport that serves adults with chronic mental illness. The mission is to assist clients in “Choosing, Getting, and Keeping” a life changing goal in their “Living, Learning, Working, or Social” environments.

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How Does IPR Help?

Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation assists adults with mental illness who want more from their life with a program designed to last up to 12–24 months and includes group skill building and one-on-one sessions on a weekly basis. Vera French facilitators will help clients reach a recovery phase in their life where they are able to take their work with them upon completion of the program.

Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation assists clients in “Choosing, Getting, and Keeping”—life changing goals for “Living, Learning, Working, or Social” environments.

Components of Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Readiness Assessment

Readiness assessment evaluates the client on need for change, commitment to change, personal closeness, self- awareness, and environmental awareness.

Readiness Development

Readiness development helps the client in any area of need found in the readiness assessment. This increases the client’s interest, motivation, hope, and willingness to engage in the recovery process with the facilitator.

Goal Setting

Goal setting assists the client with making informed choices regarding personal criteria, evaluating alternative environments, and choosing an overall rehabilitation goal.

Goal Achievement

Goal achievement determines explicit and implicit skills to be successful and satisfied in their goal environment through a functional assessment.

Goal Keeping

Goal keeping assists in maintaining successful and satisfying role performance to prevent the emergence of symptoms associated with role deterioration through a resource assessment geared toward what the client needs to be successful and satisfied with their chosen role.

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For more information, contact us at 563-383-1900.

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