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Channel 4 | The Battle Within – Part 2

We’ve been taking a look this week at how mental health illnesses can have serious ramifications. When depression and anxiety are left untreated, it can sometimes lead to an eating disorder. Those conditions affect 29 million Americans. We examine how winter months can add to the problem in the Quad…

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Channel 4 | The Battle Within – Part 1

The ongoing pandemic is making issues like depression even more prevalent today. It’s estimated depression impacts 16 million people, which is around six percent of the population. We investigate what it means close to home in Part 1 of our series ‘The Battle Within,’ highlighting mental health.

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Living Local | Multisystemic Therapy

Over the years, the issue of juvenile crime has been getting more attention as communities discuss what can be done about it. A local mental health center is offering a newer treatment option that strives to decrease juvenile delinquency and incarceration by empowering youth and families.   Watch…

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Living Local – Neurostar TMS

Did you know that major depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in our country? For some, talking to a professional can help. For others, medication can manage symptoms. But what happens when people aren’t getting better with therapy and anti-depressants? One local mental health…

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Keeping Up in the QC

In this episode of Keeping Up in the QC, host John Marx talks to Vera French CEO Richard Whitaker about the importance of mental health and some of the resources and programs they offer.

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